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Monday, 13 January 2014

Happy Birthday Katherine Knight

Today is Katherine Knight's Birthday.

Happy Birthday Katherine!
Wait...there's more!

Gull Harbor - A Cape Cod Haunting
As if being born on 13th January isn't enough, her cover is also featured in the 'You Gotta Read' Review site contest.  So if you think, like I do, that her gorgeous cover deserves to win, please pop along for full details at:

(voting opens on 21st January)

Kathryn's links:

Happy Birthday Scraps and quotes for Orkut, Myspace, hi5


  1. Happy Birthday, Katherine. My daughter introduced me to your books. I look forward to reading GULL HARBOR. Beautiful cover looks as if I could step right into it for a relaxing visit.

  2. Happy Birthday Katherine. Beautiful cover. Hwyela could you send a reminder email when the voting opens.? I know I will forget by then. I would love to vote for her.
    Sue B

  3. Hi Caroline, hi Sue, thanks so much for visiting. I'll try to remember to send you a reminder, Sue, but if I forget, Katherine will be guest of Honour at the Author Roast and Toast Blog on the 24th and there will be a Voting Link there as well!


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