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Monday, 30 November 2015

Mondays Musings

I'm not one of those people who likes to start Christmas in November, we usually don't put our decorations up until at least two weeks before Christmas, but we did visit our local garden centre at the weekend,

and it was looking very festive and cheery with model reindeer, lifelike deer and woodland animals that move realistically, Christmas trees, and lots of decorations and ornaments, as well as 'real' Christmas trees for sale, and Christmas plants and gifts.  It made a nice change from the miserable weather, anyway!

Hello from a rather damp grey and miserable Britain!  I hope December has some of those lovely dry crisp and frosty days, especially with Christmas approaching. 
I verified my wordcount at 50,260 words for National Novel Writing Month   (My 'Winners' badge is in the sidebar to prove it!) My novel is provisionally called 'Spooked' although this might change.  This is the rough cover I made  for inspiration, and as you might gather it is a 'horsey' story, but that's all I'm saying at the moment. It's very, very rough. I hope to add some more words before NaNo officially finishes, but there will be an awful lot of revision needed before it's fit to be seen.  That's what I love about NaNo though, it compels one to keep writing and make sure that pesky 'internal editor' stays locked up while you get the story down!  It was only ever going to be a short novel, so I won't need much in the way of extra words, but I'm probably going to cut a lot and do a fair bit of substituting 'bad' sentences for better ones (I hope)

It is the final day of my Publisher The Wild Rose Press's special Thanksgiving Discount - they are offering 40% off all digital releases in their entire catalogue - and that includes mine, so if you haven't read 'Starquest' or 'Children Of The Mist' yet, now is your chance to get them at a bargain rate, before the third in the trilogy -'Beloved Enemy' - is released. (I'm still waiting for the release date but will let you know as soon as I know myself.) You can also download a fantastic digital cookbook from the Wild Rose Press authors,2015 Cookies and Cocktails Holiday Garden Gourmet/ for FREE: Visit the Wild Rose Press HERE
That's all for now, I hope everyone over the pond had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Future Winds Book Blast and Giveaway

Future Winds
by Kevin Laymon


GENRE: Science-Fiction


Set in a science fiction setting with elements of twisted horror, Future Winds is a strange yet wondrous tale of species self preservation and the all out moral cost of survival. Forced to leave earth, humanity discovers a planet capable of supporting life and hatches an audacious plan that will warp them across the universe to settle and begin anew. There is a darkness that resides below the planet's surface, but with no option to turn back, humanity must find a way forward.

Chapter 12 excerpt:

Though humanities new planet is mostly desert, there is an abundance of lush and complex alien life that dwell below the hot surface.

The channel was lit up by neon flora of green and blue, beautiful little plants that swayed back and forth despite the lack of a breeze or draft to give them a push. Reaching out to touch one with his glove, the little blossom reacted by illuminating brighter, so much so that the exterior became transparent, and Tyler could see the thousands of cells within, that made up life for the spectacular flower.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

My name is Kevin Laymon. My passions are space exploration, music, sailing, snowboarding, wildlife, and of course writing. I have been writing for some time but the focus has been primarily on short stories and dark poems strictly for personal use. Future Winds is the first of a handful of novels I am working on for publication. I grew up in upstate New York and have lived up and down the east coast. New York is a location that holds a very special place in my heart. After working a wide range of jobs that I hated for far too long, Sara my significant other, and I decided earlier in 2015 to make some dramatic changes and travel. We scraped together some cash, I quit my job, and we moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we live a libertarian life as vegetarians. We share our desertscape living quarters with an aquatic turtle named Taz and a rabbit named BunBear. On October 9th 2015 Sara & I got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sunshine in New Mexico has helped immensely in illuminating a greater perspective as to who I am and what I was placed on this planet to do; that is to teach and inspire. I have a hunger to awaken humanity so that we may break away from our programed way of thinking. Our minds are powerful and I encourage everyone to open them up, exercise them, and tap into the potential I know every living man woman and child has. Though my stories at times can be very dark there is a reason for everything I do. Perspective, perception, and relativity are everything in the world of literature.


Kevin will be awarding a $20 gift card to Thinkgeek.com (international) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway


Monday, 23 November 2015

Musings on the Romance Festival Weekend (Harper Collins)

Hi everyone!

I'm doing my 'Monday Musings' a little early.  Over the weekend I took part in the Harper Collins Romance Festival.  (Well by 'taking part' I was featured as an author, and you can see my page by clicking on the banner above.

There have been loads of good things going on over the weekend. I've been popping in and out and found some of the articles on the blogs particularly interesting.  (*Sigh* 'all behind like a horse's tail, me!)  It might have been an idea to have posted this before, in case you didn't know about it, but as I may have mentioned, I'm kneedeep in NaNo, and I apologise for only just getting round to doing this.

So I'm going to plug away at my fifty thousand words (around seventeen thousand more to go at the moment.)

Look out for my guest 'book blast and giveaway for 'Future Winds' by Kevin Laymon on Wednesday.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Monday's Musings

In memory of those murdered in France over the weekend
I can't write today without reference to the terrible events in Paris last Friday night. My heart goes out to the relatives of the innocent people who lost their lives, to those wounded, and those who will remain traumatized by what happened there for years to come. I have been humbled and heartened by what I have seen and heard from the survivors, on the various TV and radio broadcasts. They will not allow this  evil act of terrorism to subdue them, the terrorists will not be allowed to win. They won't hide away but will show solidarity and defiance, and the spirit that lives in their beautiful city will rise from the aftermath of this despicable crime like a Phoenix from the ashes.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, people of Paris.

On a lighter note, I am still a couple of thousand words behind in my novel for NaNo but I'm hoping to catch up this week now I know where the story is going!  If you are also doing National Novel Writing Month, feel free to add me as a 'buddy' I'm WelshDragonLady

Have I any hints for NaNo?  Yes, just one. (or maybe two) Keep writing - and make sure that pesky 'inner editor' is kept locked up out of harm's way.  She can always be released when November is over and the novel is finished, and you can set her to work making sense of the jumble that is the first draft.  The priority for NaNo is just GET THOSE WORDS WRITTEN

So I'd better take my own advice and get back to work!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Monday Musings

I can't believe it's well into November and Christmas is only about six weeks away! Where has the year gone! I'm going to bake our Christmas cake today as soon as I finish this.
I love my fellow authors and really enjoy promoting  them on my blog - but I think it's time I started sharing some of myself with you again, so I'm going to try to keep Mondays to chat with you about this and that - and perhaps post up the odd Welsh legend again.

It's been quite an eventful and busy year.  I had the third novel in what has become the Destiny trilogy accepted by the Wild Rose Press and have been busy with edits with my very patient editor, Frances Sevilla, and was thrilled with my lovely cover by the talented Rae Monet, who gave me exactly what I asked for - only better! Hopefully I'll have the release date soon and will be giving a few short 'teasers' here and on my Facebook 'Street Team', where I'll be posting all the news about 'Beloved Enemy' first.  If you'd like to join, just pop along to
https://www.facebook.com/groups/118700921405/  I'll be thrilled to have you on board.

I've also been busy with our new 'rescue' Choccy.  He was pretty hyper when we first had him, as he'd spent most of his life shut up in a box room, and never being taken out for walks or played with until he went to the Blue Cross, who, along with other rescue centres in this country do such sterling work for abandoned, abused and neglected or unwanted animals.  Never having been 'socialised' as a puppy, he tended to bark and spin like a loony when meeting other dogs. I'm glad to say he's a lot calmer now, and doesn't bark so much when we meet
dogs when out and about. We had a few sessions with a
local dog trainer, which we enjoyed very much, and I think that helped a lot.  It was his third birthday yesterday, and he had a good time, with two different types of ball (he loves chasing balls), a nice marrow-bone to chew on and a special chicken dinner. He had a great time and is sleeping it off today, lying behind me on my chair as I type.

I'm doing National Novel Writing Month again  this year,  and am writing a ghost story.  It's completely different to the Destiny series and is very horsey, we'll see how it goes.  I'm actually behind on my word count so I'd better finish this post and get back to it - as soon as I've made my Christmas Cake.

Have a great week!